The #1 Way To Grow A Cleaning Service In 2020
From zero to 100k (or more) in under 12 months.

The Video Transcript:

Hello everyone,

My name is Filip Boksa, and my goal is to show you how to grow a profitable cleaning service.

If you are:

🔶 in the cleaning industry currently
🔶 are struggling
🔶 looking to start in this industry
🔶 maybe you're just lost
🔶 you don't know what to do
🔶 maybe have some spare time

I would go ahead and advise you to start in this industry because when you look at my story, I started when I was 19 years old.

I started in the cleaning industry.

It wasn't the coolest business to start in, but it was an opportunity, and today I know that:

1️⃣ The decision of starting was probably the most crucial decision that I've ever made and
2️⃣ Starting in this industry was a great and also a lucky choice

Today I own a lot of different businesses and cleaning was the easiest business to start.

🔶 you didn't need a lot of money
🔶 you didn't need a lot of experience
🔶 you can go ahead and have a client right away
🔶 and it was just very very easy to start and scale

So if you're looking to start something, this could change your life because when I started at 19 years old, this completely changed my life.

It became my first revenue stream.

At 20 years old, I was able to drop out of college, quit my job, and I was ready to go full-time into this business.

Then when I was 22, my partner and I reached a huge goal.

We hit over $5,000,000 in revenue, and then we started to play around with different companies.

Today because of all that I own a marketing company, and a software company where I help people just like you.

I teach them how to grow service businesses, not just in the cleaning industry but in the dog walking industry, mobile car washing, and many many others.

So that is also where I get a lot of my experience from.

I see a lot, I learn from my own mistakes, I've been through a lot, and I still own the service today, so we are always updated with excellent information.

If you guys are interested, you guys believe this is going to be a good fit for you; this could change your life as it did for me.

It opened so many doors for me, so we would love to do the same for you.

Go ahead and join this training, and I will see you guys inside. 

Take care!

Filip Boksa

Proven System

To make $4,800 in pure profit in the cleaning industry, you only need 100 clients that need their home cleaned every other week (recurring clients).

🔸 100 clients that need two cleanings per month
🔸 200 bookings per month
🔸 $80 average per booking
🔸 $16,000 in revenue per month
🔸 $4,800 in profit after expenses (30%)
🔸 Nearly 200k in revenue per year

I believe that we all agree that with a solid plan, we all can get 100 clients within 12 months.

And that is just a rough estimate!

Along the way, you'll also gain move in/out jobs (one-time jobs), which are high ticket jobs, most likely doubling your monthly profit in parallel (I usually give the 100 recurring clients example, and all these high ticket jobs come as a bonus or a surprise).

Let's just say that you can make a good living when you take advantage of this industry and business model.

This does take effort and the results won't happen if you don't put in the work. 

This also won't happen overnight nor will it happen in a couple of weeks, however if after 12 months of work you start to make $4,800 in recurring profit, your life would change.

I've seen our students do this in 6 months.

I personally did over 900k in sales my first 15 months in business (and I was 20 at the time)(270k in profit that year).

After that, it was extremely easy to scale.

We hired a manager who took care of the entire operation and MY work decreased to about 1-4 hours PER MONTH.

Yes, the last several years I devote less than 4 hours a month maintaining this business (and that is the ultimate goal).

Such automation allowed me to make passive income and that passive income allowed me to focus on other ideas that I am passionate about.

One of those passions is BookingKoala and through that company I teach others how to achieve the same success.

Here are some results and what people have to say about us:

"If you're looking to better your life and financial situation, this is the training to help you. After 6 months my wife and I are already doing $20,000 in monthly revenue."
"Like Filip I wasn't too excited to start in the cleaning industry but I'm glad I did. After 2 months I have 24 recurring clients and I'm doing around $2,200 in recurring monthly revenue. It's an amazing business model and I'm motivated to triple that in the next 60 days."
"This changed my life and I am so glad that I decided to take a risk on this. I am currently 23 years old and I started because I was inspired by the story of Filip. Like Filip, I was also able to drop out of college after 8 months and my goal is to beat his achievement of $5,000,000 in under 36 months."
"Filip and his team are brilliant at what they do. These methods will save you years of work."

You're in great hands! We've recently been featured in G2 and Built In Chicago.

David Bui Founder and Owner of Schmicko a mobile car detailing business. He started his business with BookingKoala with almost no money and within 20 months went to $240K a year in revenue as well as the leading car detailing business in Sydney, Australia.

We Want To Change 500,000 Lives By 2025
We Want To Change 500,000 Lives By 2025
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Popular Questions

Here are the most popular questions we receive (for any other questions please email

Why a cleaning service?
1. Cleaning is in high demand and growing.
2. It's a safe business to be in, and the business model isn't going anywhere.
3. It can be automated so you can be the middleman doing everything from home.
4. It's one of the easiest businesses to start and scale.
5. You can easily add in more areas anywhere in the world.
6. It can be started on a small budget.
7. It has high-profit margins when done correctly.

How many hours do I need to devote to this a week?
Around 20 hours per week is a safe spot until you get to the point where you have your manager overseeing the entire business. Once you get to that point, you can work as little as 1-5 hours per week. Keep in mind the first 1-2 months will require most work.

Example: I work on this business about 1-4 hours PER MONTH and have been doing so for several years now. All profits and my time go towards my passions, ideas, and other companies I am currently working on. That is the ultimate goal (gain another automated revenue stream). To do that, of course, you either have to put in the time yourself or hire someone that will execute the entire strategy for you.

Can I do this from home?
Yes, you can do all of this from anywhere.

Do I have to do the cleanings myself?
You do not! We will show you how to become the middleman.

Can I use this outside of the USA?
We have clients in the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada. Although we do have clients in other countries, they purchase this training at their own risk.

Why do I want to help you achieve success for $7?
This entire time you're probably wondering why do I want to help you achieve success for only $7...

You're right... it doesn't make sense either, so let me explain!

If for $7 I helped you:

- indicate why a cleaning service is an excellent business to start
- show you how I grew my business to over $5,000,000
- show you how others are growing using this training
- helped you build a 100k+ a year business

If I did all that for $7, would you continue to support me and trust my information?

I bet you would, which is why I'm betting on this $7 training.

If this $7 training does all that, you will end up growing bigger and bigger, and that is when I start to make money.

The more cleaners you have, the more money BookingKoala makes.

If you have 16 providers, we make $197/month; however, at that level, your business will be bringing in north of $240,000 per year (20k/month).

And trading $197 for 20k per month in revenue will be nothing.

You'll be making thousands per month at that point.

So yes, for my $7 training to be worth the investment (which we lose out on when promoting it), I have to make sure you are successful; otherwise, my company loses money.

It's a win-win for you, and as long as you stay committed and focused, you will win.

Would $4,800/month in extra profit change your current situation?
To do that, you only need 100 clients a month in the cleaning industry.

Don't think you can get 100 clients within 12 months?

That's okay because my company is working extremely hard to do it for you.


When using our platform, you get access to a marketplace where we will drive clients straight to your business (see the video below).

We are beta testing this in several areas and will be rolling it out soon all over the US.

Those who get on early will have a head start before everyone else gets on the wave, and we all know when that happens, it's much harder to compete.

Think Yelp... those who took advantage of the platform early got ahead, and today, businesses have hundreds and thousands of reviews, making it impossible to compete with them there if you start today.

Grab our $7 training, and let us help you grow an automated cleaning service using our proven system.

It's your turn to get ahead through this awesome opportunity.

If you don't think that making $4,800/month in profit is a good starting point, let me change your mind (watch the video below)

1. If you are making $4,800 in profit per month, you can hire someone, teach them everything and completely replace yourself and still have $2,000 or more leftover without doing much (beats having a job to me because now you can figure out how to grow bigger or invest in another source of income)

2. If you double from there, the rest is all profit (as an example, if you hired someone and have $2,000 leftover, adding on another $4,800 will result in nearly $7,000 in profit, all while maybe checking in on your business once every month or so?)

3. At $4,800 in profit per month, it means you have a proven model, and it's much easier to scale from there (for those that are looking for more)

4. Most companies never get to see $4,800 in profit per month

Yes, getting to the first $4,800 takes time, dedication, and work, but the rewards are great for those that reach that milestone.

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